SPARK has worked with over 200 schools in 14 school districts in the Houston and Harris County area to build their own specially designed parks.


If you would like to use a SPARK Park for a birthday party, family reunion, or other event, please contact the school directly to ensure that there is not a conflict with school activities.

Because the parks are public, reservations are not generally taken. Pavilions and play areas are available on a first-come basis.

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Alexander Elementary
Almeda Elementary
Anderson Elementary
Ashford Elementary
Bailey Elementary School
Bendwood Elementary
Berry Elementary
Best Elementary
Briscoe Elementary
Browning Elementary
Buffalo Creek Elementary
Burbank Elementary
Bush, Audrey Judy Elementary
Carrillo Elementary
Carroll Elementary
Cedar Brook Elementary
Chambers Elementary
Chavez High School
Cimarron Elementary
Clifton Middle School
Collins Elementary
Coop Elementary
Cornelius Elementary
Cummings Elementary
Davila Elementary
Drew Elementary
Deady Middle School
Edison Middle School
Eliot Elementary
Emerson Elementary
Fall Creek Elementary
Field Elementary
Fleming Middle School
Foerster Elementary
Franz Elementary
Freeman Elementary
Gallegos Elementary
Garden Oaks Elementary
Garden Villas Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Hamilton Middle School
Hancock Elementary
Harlem Elementary
Harris Academy
Hartsfield Elementary
Helms Elementary
Henderson, J.P. Elementary
Henry, Patrick Middle School
Herrera Elementary
Hobby Elementary
Hogg Middle School
Holland Middle School
Hollibrook Elementary
Houston Academy International
Jefferson Elementary
Jessup Elementary
Kaiser Elementary
Kashmere Gardens Elementary
Kashmere High School
Ketelsen Elementary
Kruse Elementary
Landis Elementary
Liestman Elementary
Lockhart Elementary
Looscan Elementary
Lyons Elementary
Mading Elementary
Mandarin Immersion Magnet School
Matthys Elementary
McGowen Elementary
McReynolds Middle School
McWhirter Elementary
Meadow Wood Elementary
Memorial Elementary
Memorial Parkway Elementary
Meyerland Middle School
Milne Elementary
Montgomery Elementary
Moreno Elementary
Navarro Middle School
Northline Elementary
Nottingham Elementary
Osborne Elementary
Outley Elementary
Park Place Elementary
Parks Elementary
Petersen Elementary
Pine Shadows Elementary
Piney Point Elementary
Poe Elementary
Port Houston Elementary
Pyburn Elementary
Revere Middle School
Ridgecrest Elementary
Ridgemont Elementary
River Oaks Elementary
Roberts Elementary
Robinson, Judson Elementary
Rodriguez Elementary
Rogers, T.H. Education Center
School at St. George Place
Schultz Middle School
Shadow Oaks Elementary
Shadydale Elementary
Sherwood Elementary
Sinclair Elementary
Smith Elementary
Sneed Elementary
Spring Forest Middle School
Spring Shadows Elementary
Spring Woods Middle School
Stevens Elementary
Stevenson Middle School
Stovall Middle School
Sutton Elementary
Terrace Elementary
Tijerina Elementary
Tinsley Elementary
Travis Elementary
Treasure Forest Elementary
Twain Elementary
Valley Oaks Elementary
Wedgewood Elementary
West University Elementary
Westbury High School
Whidby Elementary
White, Ed Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Wilson Montessori
Winborn Elementary
Woodview Elementary
Young Scholars Academy

SPARK has worked with over 200 schools in 12 school districts in the Houston and Harris County area to build their own specially designed parks.

Timeline of SPARK Parks